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How Can you Get your Precious Puppy?

I know you can't wait to get your hands on your snuggle buddy!  The great news is that even if you live far away from Oklahoma, you can still welcome one our puppies into your home.

  • Meet us

    • If you come within 45 miles of Daisy, OK, we will meet you free of charge.  Of course, you're always welcome to come to our home town :)​

    • If you're 45-60 miles away, we will also be glad to meet you.  We ask a $50 delivery fee.

  • Ground Transportation

    • There are many wonderful ground transportation individuals who take puppies across the nation.  We will get you in contact with them, and they will arrange delivery of your puppy with you.  Rates are set by delivery agent and range from 250 - 500 on the high end.

  • Flights

    • At this time, we don't fly puppies.  But if you'd like to fly in and pick up your Goldendoodle, we'd love to meet you!​

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