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Golden Retriever

Delta is our grand dame. At six years old, she rules the ranch with quiet authority. Delta loves sitting on the porch, getting belly rubs, and going on 2-4 mile runs with our family. She's the proud mom of five past litters of puppies. Since she's no longer having puppies, she serves as a wonderful godmother to the other girls' puppies.


Golden Retriever

Happy, goofy, and lovable all describe Helen. She loves to play in the yard and chase the shadows of butterflies as they flit about the yard. Helen likes to go for walks and swims in the pond. When she isn't chasing butterflies' shadows, she likes to explore in the woods with her sisters. Helen is 3 years old and is just as sweet as ever



Golden Retriever

Where Helen is goofy, Mary is focused. She knows how to open dog gates and waits until we walk around the corner to try to open them! When it comes to playing fetch, Mary is seldom beat. She's very smart and loves to work. Mary is a beautiful three year old retriever who's welcoming a litter of F1 Goldendoodles at the end of February.


Standard Poodle

AKC registered, deep dark red, and as sweet as a Sunday morning ❤️  If you need a feel good hug, this guy is good for them. He’s affectionate and loves to go for swims in the pond. Oscar produces a variety of colors along with that deep rich red.  

Miniature poodle solomon_edited.jpg


Miniature Poodle

This sweet boy is a snugglers dream.  Solomon is a loyal little guy who loves to cuddle on the couch.  Even though he's owned by our friend, Janet, we still feel like he's one of ours.  Our home is his home away from home.  Solomon has beautiful puppies that sometimes have white paws, white spots on the chest, and white on the head.  He has been health cleared through Embark DNA analysis.


F1 Goldendoodle

Tinker is an F1 Goldendoodle who is smart as a tack and loves to compete with Delta for attention.  She's a wonderful mama to her puppies and makes us so proud!  Tinker loves to go on walks and jogs, and she especially loves to chase deer. 

F1 Goldendoodle
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