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Meet Libby

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

Her formal name is Liberty Rose and her human family obtained her because daughter always wanted a Goldendoodle. (Of course! Who doesn't?) Although daughter is certainly Libby's favorite human in the house, she loves them all. But she doesn't follow everyone else around like she does daughter! Her personality and disposition has made her a wonderful addition to the family!!

Libby's humans keep her pretty! She is groomed every four weeks and get a haircut every eight weeks. Her human says "brush often and get them used to taking baths!" Housetraining was a breeze for Lib - she

had only two accidents and those were not long after arriving at her human's home. The humans give her really yummy treats, too. Frozen dog food mixed with pumpkin puree in her Kong chew toy! No

wonder Libby loves treats.

Whether indoors or outside, Libby is happy. Her human family has four other dogs, so there are lots of playing partners! Looks like she enjoys hiding under furniture, too. Last summer, she loved playing in her puppy pool filled with water.

But she wasn't too sure about the snow this past winter. It took a few minutes to investigate and then she loved it.

Libby is a traveling dog - loves to GO with her humans and is excellent in the car.

The best thing about Libby is that she loves to give hugs! LITERALLY! She wraps her front legs around her humans' neck and will lay her head on their shoulder. Her humans say she is "the most loving dog [they] have ever had."

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