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Meet Nacho

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

Nacho has always been full of energy and a little bit of orneriness. But he's also very loving and loyal. And such a beautiful color!

From the beginning, he enjoyed the outdoors and riding in a car. Snow was "okay," as is water. But let him hang his head out a car window with the wind blowing and he's in heaven!

Nacho LOVES his human and is an "only dog" in his family, but has a number of canine friends. He likes rough play with those friends. When playing with small puppies, Nacho showed gentleness and affection.

Quite the brainy one, Nacho figured out how to open the doors in his house! What a challenge that has been for his human. (Horizontal door knobs are probably a no-no in homes with a Goldendoodle!) Another of his talents is drinking water out of the sink.

You may notice that Nacho has a "different" look than some Goldendoodles. He just looks more like a his momma and is uniquely beautiful.

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