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Meet Maggie

This cutie chooses momma and grandma as her favorites because they give all of the lovin'! Dad does most of the scolding so he's not at the top of the list, but in the evenings, Maggie likes to cuddle with him! As you can see in the pictures below, Maggie loves ALL of her humans.

Maggie is energetic and loving. Her momma says "be prepared for the energy and goofy love! [Maggie] is such a good loving dog!" She and her canine siblings are friends. The older, Sophie, is skeptical but likes to play with Maggie in secret. However, Patches , three year old Catahoola mix, and Maggie get along swimmingly. They are best of friends and snuggling together. Their playfulness is good entertainment for her humans. Speaking of swimming - Maggie doesn't disappoint when it comes to love of water.

In particular, she loves mud and small puddles. She rolls in the mud and bites at the water! Most of the time, making big splashes in the puddles seems to be the goal. When it comes to bath time, the water isn't loved quite so much. Because of her love of mud, baths are given often. Her family hopes the outdoor kiddie pool helps with bathing. She LOVES being outside and spends most of her time there. Basking in the sun and laying in mud are Maggie's two most favorite places. (Who can blame her?) She hasn't experienced snow yet, but any puppy who loves mud surely will love snow, right?

So many Goldendoodles have such cute and goofy personalities. Maggie has obtained the title of "queen of nose boops" because the is so clumsy (long legs!). She accidentally falls off the couch, runs into walls, and falls head over feet often.

Some of her silliness is displayed with her love of socks. She doesn't chew them, she just grabs them and runs with them. What a funny sight! Of course, a blue squeaker toy can sometimes be found in her bed with her. It seems that some of the Daisy Doodle puppies like making noise to annoy others. This author knows two who do!

Maggie seems to have found the perfect furever home!

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