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Meet Mochi

This owner was looking for a Goldendoodle because of their energy, playfulness and adorableness. Mochi provides exactly that! She loves to play fetch, wrestle with her human, and of course, swim. Her favorite human, Dad, matches her energy level and loves playing with her when not at work. Thankfully, Mochi seems to run off her energy while outside playing (zoomies anyone?). Inside she quietly sits with her humans - usually carrying a toy around with her.

This active girl is a natural born swimmer. She is a great snow dog, too. There are a number of canine buddies and when Dad grabs the keys to go, she stays close then jumps in the truck to go for a ride and a visit!

Mochi is so pretty and her human makes certain by having her groomed once a month. She gets a summer cut and stays fluffy during the cold months. She has such a cute personality and is somewhat vocal. When relaxed and being petted, Mochi makes long grunting noises. If her human dares to stop petting her, she gives a look and "hits" with her paw to say "keep going!"

Even with all of that energy, Mochi was easy to potty train. By the age of three months, she had learned to push a button to go outside and do her business. She loves any and all treats she receives. She is a great older sister to her canine baby brother. Mochi was the first dog in her house, but when another dog joined her, she was unsure, but quickly became accustomed to him.

Dad says engage with these dogs as much as possible when they are puppies to build trust! Follow Mochi on Instagram: @good.girl.mochi.

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