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Meet Ralph

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

Ralph was born to Helen last fall and was one of ten puppies! He is very easy going and quick to learn. House training was not difficult at all and very few accidents occurred. He learned how to use a doggy door early on and handles them with ease.

His human takes him to many places and took him on a trip to Colorado; therefore, Ralph is very comfortable in the car. He loves to have a window all the way open so he can put his head out and let the wind blow back his hair! (With a secured seat belt on for sure.)

He loves water. ANY water. Puddles, sprinklers, the shower, as long as it's wet, he loves it. He even loves playing in his drinking water. So far, Ralph has bathed many times, but only been groomed a couple of times. He has not been cut yet but summer may change that! Getting him to eat well on a regular basis is still a challenge for his human. There doesn't seem to be a problem with hydration, though! He loves walks and is outdoors as much as possible. He fell in love with snow upon first sight. When around snow, he has to be removed or he might play in it ALL day.

He is a silly, affectionate, and loyal buddy. Ralph is exactly what his human wanted and received. "He's so cute and has such a great personality. I'm so glad I got him!" Shouldn't we all have such an awesome Goldendoodle?

FULL DISCLOSURE: Ralph's second favorite human is the author of this post! :)

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